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"What About Brian"What About First Steps...

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"What About Brian"What About First Steps... (2006)

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Ivy sets up a 'Speed Dating' game at the bar in an attempt to attract more women. Brian, Dave, Jimmy and Bridget all participate. Adam and Heather start to realize that they really don't know each other well enough to be married and consider an annulment. Deena's cupcake business is starting to get off the ground and Nicole assumes partnership and tries to take over the business end.

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John Belushi was rumored to have been cast in this film. Martha Coolidge had a dispute with the studio in the editing room. As a first time filmmaker, she shot several scenes with gratuitous nudity, but chose to keep them out of the film during the cutting process. The studio disagreed and eventually fired her. Coolidge decided not to request and Alan Smithee credit, though she has said in interviews that she sometimes regrets that decision.

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