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"Spiel des Lebens"Zirkus, Zirkus

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"Spiel des Lebens"Zirkus, ZirkusTrivia

This is 'George A. Romero' 's second film, and according to him, his worst. He stated that the writer was "very lazy" and showed little interest in the production, leaving halfway through the shooting.

"Spiel des Lebens"Zirkus, Zirkus Original Dialogues

Chris Bradley:
Dad, I just don't want to go to work in your baby food factory. And, I don't want to sell vacuum cleaners. I don't want to sell little toy plastic aircraft carriers. I don't wanna... I don't know what I want.

Mr. Bradley:
Chris, I think I understand what you're talking about. A little bit anyway. But these problems are a little bit like going to Howard Johnsons for some ice cream. You can get all kinds of wild, exotic flavors. But somehow, you always wind up with vanilla.

Chris Bradley:
Oh, Jesus Christ, Dad, I could cry!

Mr. Bradley:
You get what I mean? Now one thing, just once in a while...

Chris Bradley:
[interupting] Now hold on, Dad! What about the poor bastard who gets hung up on butter peacan?

Mr. Bradley:
He's disappointed when he can't get it. There's always vanilla, Chris. Always vanilla.

Chris Bradley:
That's what it all comes down to?

Mr. Bradley:
If you get what I mean.

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